An administrator for your company in Bulgaria ? We find it for you. There are situations in which the entrepreneur or, to be clear, the one who puts ideas and risk capital into the foundation of a company, is also the one who takes care in all respects of its operational management. This occurs above all in small and medium-sized enterprises. But there may be various situations in which the owner or founder, as you prefer, of the company does not want or is unable (for legal, personal, administrative reasons, etc.) to fill the role of Administrator of the company itself.

Ora mettetevi nella posizione di un imprenditore che non solo deve trovare un Amministratore all’altezza del suo ruolo, ma lo deve fare anche in uno Stato Estero quale la Bulgaria, che conosce a malapena. Ebbene per venire incontro a questa tipologia di esigenza VR and Partners attraverso la sua rete di consulenti aziendali è in grado di fornire ai propri clienti un amministratore di fiducia e preparato che faccia da amministratore alla vostra azienda.

What will his duties be? They are not few and they are not trivial. In fact, Bulgarian legislation provides that the Director approves the company financial statements, is the guarantor of the operation of the company and is responsible, if necessary, from an administrative point of view. He is also the person in charge of personnel selection and financial management of the company.

It is therefore clear, from the description made so far, that this is not a mere "pro-forma" role, and for this reason, returning to the incipit of this page, it is absolutely important that the choice of the Administrator, where requested by the entrepreneur, is done in the utmost safety and with the certainty of integrating into its management only the best of what the Bulgarian labor market can offer.

For VR and Partners customers, the Administrator figure can be, upon request, a part of the overall package of services offered by us , thus falling within the overall set of business support activities which is our core business.

If you are interested in having a Administrator for your company in Bulgaria contact us without obligation!