180 days, only 180 days. This is what it takes, together with a certain amount of courage in abandoning the "way of doing things as they have always been done", to halve, and beyond, your tax burden

This is the great promise of Bulgaria, a small nation that freed itself from the Soviet yoke and entered the EU through the main door in 2007, now proposes itself as the great Eldorado for those entrepreneurs and half of Europe who want to stop working for three quarters of the year just to pay taxes, and finally put their turnover at the service of their activities and their personal needs.

How do you get there? To get started it may be useful to look at this photo.

Quante e quali tasse patrimoniali esistono già in Italia? - Quora

Look where Italy is and look where Bulgaria is. Does it make an impression? The tax burden in Italy is practically double that of Bulgaria , meaning that Italian entrepreneurs “run” every day in competition with Bulgarian ones, bearing double the burden on their shoulders. Difficult to win like this don't you think?

Per spiegare come si arriva al dimezzamento del carico fiscale in Bulgaria può essere utile fare un esempio pratico. Consideriamo una software house, una piccola software house, addirittura potremmo pensare al caso di un singolo sviluppatore freelance. Lavora bene ed ha un fatturato annuo di 70 mila euro al netto dell’IVA.
Ebbene al povero sviluppatore freelance che opera in Italia verrà applicato lo scaglione IRPEF del 41%; voglio riscriverlo in lettere per renderlo più chiaro, quarantuno per cento! Allo sviluppatore italiano che invece ha spostato la sua attività in Bulgaria verrà applicata un’IRPEF  del 10%, dieci per cento! In sintesi.

A fine anno quelli che lo sviluppatore che ha scelto di rimanere in Italia potrà effettivamente spendere per se, a fronte dei 70 mila euro iniziali, saranno solo 41 mila euro. Nel caso di quello operante in Bulgaria si ritroverà invece in tasca a fine anno 63 mila euro netti. Ovvero quasi il doppio, facendo lo stesso lavoro, mettendoci lo stesso impegno!

These numbers are impressive and explain why more and more professionals and entrepreneurs are deciding to relocate their business to this nation, Bulgaria, within Europe in a political sense, and with all the benefits that this entails (primarily access to the common market) but with solid links with neighboring Asia Minor.

How do you get there? Certainly by moving your business to Bulgaria, but that's not enough. In order to be able to stop paying taxes in Italy, you must be able to prove that you are staying at least six months and one day outside our country. And here we return, as if to close the circle, to our opening words. The famous 180 days that can halve the amount of money we “give away” every year in taxes.

But you have to do it in the right way, being followed by professionals who know how to follow and manage the bureaucratic process behind this process quickly and effectively.

It is also important to underline how "do-it-yourself" forms of finance are absolutely dangerous on this front; woe to think of dealing with even small forms of relocation in total autonomy. The biggest risk? The one in which all those who thought they could do it on their own or counting on some accountant friend have run into; end up having to pay part of the taxes in Bulgaria as well as in Italy.

If you intend or if you are even considering moving your business to Bulgaria, do it in the safest and most effective way possible, by relying on our team of experts in VRandPartners. Start saving but without putting your name, your business, your company at risk.