We ask you a question. If we told you that in Italy the cost of labor for the production of a good X is 27 euros and in another EU country the production of the same good, as labor, would cost you only 7 euros, what would you do? Would you continue to produce in Italy? Most likely not, or at least you would think twice, especially if the production of the good in question is not linked to traditions and workers in which Made in Italy can represent a plus for the positioning of the good itself on the market.

Here the EU country in question is not a hypothetical destination but a nation not too far from us, Bulgaria. A nation that shares with us, in addition to the colors of the flag, also belonging to the European common market, with all the ensuing advantages. In fact, those who, for example, produce manufactured products in Bulgaria can import them into Italy without paying VAT and customs duties.

A nice advantage that helps keep production costs low in this small Eastern European country. A country that, as the Eurostat graph shown at the bottom of this post tells us, despite the passing of the years and the growth of GDP still continues to be the true Eldorado for European entrepreneurs.

And not only for the low cost of labor which also certainly represents a pole of attraction for foreign investments. Taxation in Bulgaria is also one of those things that make the eyes of those who do business shine. Just think that here there is a single fixed income tax bracket at 10% for all taxpayers, both for those who earn 1000 euros per year and for those who earn a million. The same taxation is then also applied to companies.

Low wages and virtually zero taxes. What more do you need to at least start considering moving your professional and / or business activity to Bulgaria? Do you think it is complicated? It can be if you try the bumpy DIY route. But if you rely on the field experience of agencies such as VR and Partners, your relocation path to Bulgaria will become simple and fast as we will guide you along all the bureaucratic and unnecessary steps to bring your business here.