Do you want to open a Srl in Bulgaria? Here are the types of companies, the advantages and how to open it

Se avete in mente di aprire una società  in Bulgaria è bene sapere che in questo Paese esistono diverse tipologie di aziende; quella che viene prevalentemente utilizzata dagli italiani che vogliono aprire la propria società in Bulgaria è la SRL, che qui si chiama OOD.
Va fatta subito una distinzione tra EOOD e OOD:

  • EOOD is a form of limited liability company (the one usually chosen to benefit from the subsidized tax regime for companies) which is characterized by the presence of a single shareholder. A bit like with the Italian Srl, only the share capital and not the tangible and intangible properties of the sole shareholder are liable to creditors. It is therefore configured as the ideal solution for those who are undertaking a personal business in Bulgaria.
  • the OOD is similar to the EOOD insofar as creditors can only make up for any outstanding payments on the share capital; it differs from EOOD in that the presence of at least two partners is required to set up this type of company.