Pizza, mandolin, beautiful landscapes and hospitality ... We do not need the stereotypes according to which they see us abroad to be able to say without fear of denial that Italy is a fantastic country in which to "live"; excellent climate, exquisite food and a lot of beauty, not only that which derives from our artistic heritage but also that of high fashion that we Italians are very good at producing, that of Made in Italy, synonymous with style and quality.

However, if, as mentioned, Italy is a fantastic country in which to live and maybe spend weeks on holiday, the downside is that ours is also a bad country for those who want to do business or however try to live as a freelancer, and this is essentially due to many reasons of which we will limit ourselves here to listing the 4 main ones:
1) Italy is the country with the highest business and production costs in the world . One consideration above all explains this point well: you must consider that an Italian SME has an annual cost of energy 265% higher than the European average. You read that right, 265%!
2) In Italy, but we all know this, there is the most complex tax system of the whole continent, indeed, to be honest, if we consider ours, in terms of complexity (and certainly not efficiency) , is second only to that of Turkey and Brazil!
3) Faced with this complexity, those who do business in Italy also find themselves having to face the highest tax burden in Europe . A tax burden that ultimately also affects the production costs mentioned in point 1.
4) Italy is the country with the lowest rating in terms of debt sustainability . To be clear, compared to Germany which is triple A or France which is double A, Italy is triple B and this is reflected in the long-term debt sustainability, much lower than our European colleagues, and also ends up weighing down the tax burden (point 3) and the production costs (point 1).

So what should an entrepreneur do who, on a daily basis, not only finds himself facing the difficulties deriving from normal business life (the competition, the market, the management of production and personnel) but also the thousand obstacles that are placed along his crossed by a cumbersome bureaucracy and a senseless taxman?

A solution that more and more entrepreneurs are choosing is that of relocate their business to Bulgaria . It is not a simple process, but it is certainly a process that can give breath and new impetus to any type of business.

You just need to know how to get around.

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