With a virtual office in Sofia, your business will benefit from having a high profile office at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office. Our company has experience in company formation services and virtual office services, so we kindly invite you to direct your inquiries to our team of agents in Bulgaria. Also, feel free to solicit details on company training services in Bulgaria.

What does a virtual office package include? A notable business address in Sofia for a credible and risk-free base for customer correspondence. A registered office is required to set up a Bulgarian company. Mail collection and forwarding - Mail is collected, packages are signed and sent as per your instructions, by post, fax or email. Inbound and Outbound Faxes - Use our local fax number; we will collect and fax you wherever you are. A local telephone number in Sofia and a private number if you wish. Telephone answering machine - All voice messages will be forwarded by e-mail, in relation to your requests.

Reasons to purchase virtual office services in Bulgaria

There are situations where entrepreneurs prefer to skip the formalities of opening a company from scratch, look for an office to rent and deal with all types and bureaucracies before being active in the market. These are valid reasons to consider when purchasing virtual office services in Bulgaria and, above all, business people can carry out some checks and marketing strategies.

Why should i buy virtual office packages in Bulgaria?

Young entrepreneurs should think about the advantages of a virtual office package in Bulgaria, if they are interested in this market and if they have a particular budget for a company. The opportunities on the market must first of all be carefully measured before each activity, in order to determine the company's future operations. You can consider virtual office packages in Bulgaria without having to travel to this country, but for more information, you can speak to our team of company training specialists in Bulgaria.

Who can buy virtual office services in Bulgaria?

Anyone interested in setting up Bulgarian field operations and looking for business opportunities in sectors such as IT, engineering, communications, tourism, agriculture or manufacturing, for example, should ask for virtual office packages first. These are suitable options for national and local entrepreneurs who would like to have an idea of ​​the business options available before starting a company in Bulgaria. A virtual office is also a good option for entrepreneurs who are interested in relocating their businesses to Bulgaria but want to see what the business options are. Let our team of consultants tell you more about the virtual office services you can receive in Bulgaria.

When do I get a virtual office package in Bulgaria?

It is good to know that entrepreneurs can receive virtual office packages in less than 24 hours. All the advantages of the virtual office packages can be explained by agents in Bulgaria. Avoiding Maintenance Costs in Bulgaria As is known, a traditional business office in Bulgaria is subject to a number of expenses such as rental costs, office supplies, utility bills and, of course, staff costs. Also, you should consider the minimum share capital for the type of business you would like to establish in Bulgaria. Normally, a virtual office package is chosen by the type of entrepreneurs who would like to postpone the corporate incorporation and instead are interested in minimal costs for their operations.

Having a wide range of benefits such as a prestigious sales office, local phone number, fax and telephone redirection, mail forwarding and bank statement collection would make an entrepreneur decide on virtual office services before joining the business. by registering a company in Bulgaria. It is good to know that it is not necessary to travel to Bulgaria to purchase virtual office packages.

You will only have to address your requests to our team who can prepare you and present you with a personalized offer tailored to your business needs in this country. Let our team offer you in-depth information on the services we can provide you. We also remind you that if you decide to start a business in Bulgaria, our team can manage all the requirements and can provide you with various services (legal advice, accounting, power of attorney, visa issues, etc.).

Do I get additional services? Yes, the following services can be part of the virtual office packages: we can provide for the dedicated fax service with your private and dedicated number, call Redirection, specialized technology allows redirection of calls to the primary number. Collection of bank statements. Extra use of the meeting room. Recall that a virtual assistant is part of virtual offices