Bulgaria is one of best destinations for strangers who want to become resident in EU. The Country proposes a very semplified procedure in order to get residence permit and citizenship. In this regard, the Bulgarian citizenship program through investment and residence in Bulgaria is of particular interest, since a foreign citizen can become a citizen of the European Union in less than 3 years.

The country is subject to all EU regulations and directives for free movement within the Union that favors citizens of EU member states to enter, stay and leave from Bulgaria, rules that are less restrictive than those that apply to citizens of other countries around the world.

We are able to provide legal services in all areas of immigration law in Bulgaria.

At a high level, it is possible to divide the services we offer in the field of immigration into the following macro areas:

  • Legal services for the acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship through the " Bulgarian citizenship through investment " program, or Bulgarian citizenship by origin or finally Bulgarian citizenship through naturalization
  • Legal support for those wishing to stay in Bulgaria for a long time (permanent residence program, permanent residence through investment, residency program through the opening of a commercial representation at BCCI, long-term residence, long-term resident status in the European Union
  • Legal services for those who have to reside in Bulgaria for a long time thanks to a permanent residence certificate
  • Legal services for obtaining a " C " type visa for a short visit to Bulgaria
  • Legal services for obtaining a " D " type visa for foreigners who wish to visit Bulgaria repeatedly or stay in the country for a longer period.

* It is important to remember that foreigners visiting or living in Bulgaria are required to respect the local legal system as well as to be loyal to the Bulgarian state and not to take any action that could undermine the prestige and honor of the host nation. . Lack of knowledge of the laws is not a reason for exemption from one's responsibilities.