You can accept payments with credit card.

With VR & Parnets you can operate in Bulgaria very soon and you don't need a seller account.

As soon as you activity is admitted, you have simply to integrate with our online payment platform Pagorapido to start to receive online payments with credit card.

Procedure to start accepting credit card payments:

As soon as customer activity is admittend, it is need to open an account with Creacomfin and connect the e-commerce client to our gateway to elaborate payments in USD, EURO, YEN, GBP, LEVA or ISK.

With Pagorapido payments elaboration happens realtime; it's also available a demo page of Pagorapido to become familirar with the service itself, even if for any issue you can still refer to our technical support.

So it will be possible to accept payments with credit card and for each order you will receive a copy of the information related to the order itself via mail in real time.

Pagorapido is capable to to handle technical issues with you or your customer.

Incomes related to payments done with Pagorapido will be periodically sent to the seller unless of commissions.