Do you want to open a .bg (Bulgarian) domain?

Trust our management which also includes DNS (including A record), CNAME and MX. We also provide free hosting for all end customers as well as free web space; but not only. We also provide support and advice for subdomains, email boxes and mysql databases.

Some important information about .bg domains

  1. Geo area: Europe - Country: Bulgaria
  2. Registration duration: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 years
  3. Deputy register:

.bg domain types

  • Protected: the applicant must have a registered trademark in Bulgaria; registration not contestable by third parties.
  • Unprotected: the applicant has a company in an EU country. In this case, the domain registration can be suspended if any company challenges it by providing evidence on the right to the name.

Following some questions and answers about .bg domains

Q) Can I open a .bg domain with internationalized characters (IDN)?
A) No, at the moment it is not possible
Q) Who are .bg domains reserved for?
A) To Bulgarian companies and to those based in the US which, however, are holders of a registered trademark in Bulgaria.

Registering a .bg domain name is a small investment, however, necessary to protect your name, brand or registered trademark in Bulgaria. Ours is therefore a service particularly suitable for those customers who need an online brand protection service.

Limitation to register a .bg domain

  • Reserved to EU based companies
  • A certificate of incorporation from the registering company is required, complete with authenticated English translation.
  • NON-EU companies can register a .bg domain provided they have a delegator in the EU (service offered by us free of charge)

Other questions and answers

Q) Is it possible to transfer a .bg domain?
A) Yes, it is possible.
Q) Limitations for the transfer of .bg domains?
A) For more information on the limitations and procedures in place, contact us via email or the telephone numbers provided on the Contact page of the site.