Bulgaria is a country at the center of interest from other European partners not only for the exceptional and favorable conditions for business or for the possibility of attending university courses, such as that in Medicine and Surgery, which could be precluded in the countries of origin due to the limited number. Bulgaria is much more: it is a country that, after the fall of the Iron Curtain, is seeing its tourist flows increase year after year, making the most of the best possible advertising, that is the one that, who in the past has had the luck to visit the country, he does towards relatives and acquaintances. As is always recommended for any trip, be it small or short, before leaving, it is good to be well informed about all those components, more or less important, that can influence the success of the trip itself. We are not just talking about the search for accommodation for a holiday in Bulgaria but also and above all about the verification and handling of all those administrative procedures that should be in order before traveling: what are the documents that it is good to have before traveling leave.

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