Why attend the Course of Medicine and Surgery in Bulgaria? Usually to opt for this choice are the guys who have not passed the entrance tests in Italy and who nevertheless do not want to give up their dream of becoming doctors; in other cases, the MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF SOFIA is in effect a first choice for students and families.

Entering the Faculty of Medicine in Bulgaria is much simpler since only the knowledge of the English language at level B2 is required and the subsequent training course is of the highest quality, as can be testified by the many doctors who work in Italy but have trained in Sofia.

Who are the Italian students who choose to study Medicine in Bulgaria?

The distribution of subscribers sees a prevalence of males (6 out of 10) mostly from Southern Italy with an average age that exceeds 22 years and, 4 times out of 5, with a medical relative (or in any case within the health professions ).

During the course years, families can rest assured that their guys are offered an opportunity for training and growth at an international level, where the great competence of the teachers is also accompanied by a powerful logistic machine that puts students in a position to make at best, being able to take advantage of workshops and video projections of the lessons.

All with an annual fee of almost 8,000 euros, largely mitigated by the low cost of living in Bulgaria with costs of accommodation and meals that are much lower than those required in the main Italian cities.

And at the end of the course? Once you have graduated in Medicine in Bulgaria, you can also spend your degree in Italy. In fact, Bulgaria is an EU country, and for new doctors it is also possible to operate in Italy after formal recognition of the qualification to be requested from the Ministry of Health in Rome.