In previous posts we talked about the tax advantages for c hi opens a company in Bulgaria < / a> and how, for example, this country lends itself to being the ideal location for an international freelance.

Today we want to further broaden our horizon by considering another type of investment in Bulgaria, the one linked to the world of innovative companies or, as they are called in jargon, Start Ups.

Below we will describe, area by area, what are the key factors that make us think that Bulgaria, and in particular the capital, Sofia, is the ideal place to create and grow a new start-up. consider another type of investment in Bulgaria, that linked to the world of innovative companies or, as they are called in jargon, the Start Ups.

Facilitated taxation

We have already talked about it but we will not tire of repeating it: the reason why every year almost 1000 entrepreneurs decide to close their doors in Italy and move their business to Bulgaria is the advantageous taxation that this country offers to new businesses, regardless of their size and their turnover. Only 10%. A rate, attention, which applies both to legal persons and therefore to corporate income, as well as to those of individuals.

Access to finance

Those who deal with innovative companies know well that having a good idea is not enough, money is also needed to be able to field and finance until it will be able to finance itself with its own profits. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to count on a network of lenders or, as they are called in the world of Start Up, Venture Capital, who can enter according to percentages to be established in the capital of the start up itself. Well, the Bulgarian environment is sparkling also in this sense thanks to various funds that are very active in financing start-ups. Here are the top five:

  1. Bulgarian Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA)
  2. BlackPeak Capital
  3. Empower Capital
  4. LAUNCHub Ventures
  5. Postscriptum Ventures

Qualified personnel

Just as it is not enough to have a good idea, at the same time it is not enough to have this idea and the money to make it happen if you cannot count on a group of valid and reliable collaborators. Where to find them?

In the more than 23 faculties of the city of Sofia belonging to the scientific faculties (engineering, mathematics and computer science) which with their over 100 students represent almost 50% of the entire university body of the Bulgarian capital.

A university body that, in addition to its very high preparation in the scientific field, stands out throughout the EU area also for its fluency in spoken and written foreign languages: English and German first and foremost.

A human capital that therefore represents the ideal humus within which to create one's own innovative business.


We talked about the idea that, the beginning of a start up. But we also talked about other prerequisites for its birth, namely funding and human capital. There remains a last one, equally important, which is the one that relates to accelerators, that is the network of structures that through logistics and consultancy services are able to protect the start-up in the delicate initial phases and direct it, thanks to their experience, towards more correct market segments.

Which accelerators to refer to? Here are the 5 most important in Sofia:

  1. Startup Sofia Accelerator
  2. Start it Smart
  3. Founder Institute Sofia
  4. Climate-KIC Accelerator Bulgaria
  5. CampusX

How to start

Riteniamo, in base alla nostra decennale esperienza al fianco di imprese di diversa grandezza, che il passo più difficile quando si apre un qualsiasi tipo di attività, che si tratti di un panificio o di una industria metalmeccanica, sia sempre il primo. Un passo che però, riteniamo, può diventare più semplice se al fianco degli imprenditori c’è una squadra di consulenti esperti in grado di guidarlo nelle sue prime mosse, le più delicate. Noi di VR and Partners ci occupiamo esattamente di questo, e possiamo supportarvi a lanciare la vostra start up fin dalle fasi più embrionali del vostro progetto: con competenza, con coscienza, con professionalità.